A few quick tips Anger…. Control it before it controls you Are you frequently getting angry? Is temper hijacking you and your life ?  Then you need to wakeup and make it under your control. the devil inside
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Dealing with Anger…may be difficult…but not impossible In the brain, Amygdala is primarily responsible for emotions like anger and Prefrontal cortex is responsible for cognition, logic and Executive behaviours for judgement and manners. Try improving logic and reasoning as much as possible for the events that are likely to  trigger you.  Over a period of time the anger component slows down due  command takeover by frontal lobe of brain. Often Ego is responsible for even reasonless anger. Your position, social status or financial status may likely be responsible for the devil ‘Ego’. Health is more important than any thing. If Ego be the cause of your temperament, then drive away the ego gradually.  Develop self respect but not ego. There might be  a triggering  event…like insult, embarrassment, delay in a service. Try to avoid spontaneous reaction.  Give a little delay time to respond…through counting a few numbers or taking spells of deep  breath. Factors like failures, over competitive impulses, comparison with others, jealousy  etc…might result in unexplainable anger. Try  to study reasons for your failures. Avoid excessive comparisons, check your abilities and potentials. Above all drive away the jealousy to keep you mentally peaceful. Start appreciating others victory. Many foods and lifestyle patterns affect the brain behaves.    Junk foods, fast foods, high sugary diets, highly processed foods affect the  cerebral chemistry and may result in disturbance in brain equilibrium Avoid temper stimulating foods, Relay more on sober and healthy diets. Avoid smoking and drinking. Have goof lifestyle practises such as timely food,  right amount of sleep. Practice yoga. Develop some amount of philosophical outlook
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