Series-5 Autism The Autism Society recommends   gluten  and dairy-free diet for Autistic children. These proteins which are rich in wheat and dairy can affect the behaviour of autistic children. Similarly according to research, Hyperoxalemia and hyperoxaluria may be involved in the pathogenesis of ASD in children.  This means foods rich in oxalate can affect brain functioning.  Even if pregnant women consume excessive oxalate foods, they can harm neural growth or functioning.  The future of the child may be at risk.   This indicates that  right food and diet can be very helpful. Food, diet and supplements can improve quality of life of Autistic children Nutritional approach
To minimize or avoid
Recommended Foods rich in Minerals such as magnesium, calcium, magnesium, zinc etc Foods rich in vitamins phytonutrients Probiotics Healthy Carbohydrates Permitted proteins Unsaturated fats Omega-3 fatty acid foods   help brain development and function.
 Simple carbs Casein foods gluten foods oxalate rich foods sugary foods and drinks Foods containing MSG Excessive fried foods Trans fat foods Saturated fats  Aspartame additives Foods with preservatives Excessive dairy products and ice creams Nicotine content alcohol Bleached flour Breads from bakery outlets
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Special attention on Oxalate foods Oxalates in the urine are much higher in individuals with autism than in normal children.  84% of the children on the autistic spectrum had oxalate values outside the normal range, according to a study
Oxalate foods & Autism
Expected Benefits of Low oxalate diet in Autistic children
Improved sociability Better speech Improved cognition  Better language skills improved numerical abilities Improved writing skills Better motor skills Better spatial memory Control over impulsive behaviour Better observation Increased expression of personal needs such as urination Increased intellectual imagination  Increased enthusiasm in around surroundings Balanced nutritional permitted diet is essential
Health Scan-May