Natural sources
Beta     glucan     is     a               sugar molecule         found   in         foods such              as       oats,       barley, mushrooms,   yeasts   etc.      Beta glucan     can          be     extracted from   brewers   yeast   with   80 percent   purity.      Beta   glucans are   used   as   additives   in   the manufacturing         of         food products   such   as   cheese,   ice creams,    salads    and    so    on.      Betaβglucan          is     a     major component    of    water    soluble cereal fibre .
Beta   glucans   are   also   used   to   boost   the   immune   system   . They     are     also     used     in     conditions     like     cancer,     high cholesterol, diabetes.  Beta   glucan   decreases   infectious   complications,   helps   in reducing antibiotic doses according to a study. Beta    glucan    foods    reduce    serum    cholesterol.    And    even lowers blood sugar. It   smoothens   the   skin.      Even   Beta   glucan   creams   are   used mostly for cosmetic, anti-aging, and anti-wrinkle benefits. Our   body   contains      white   blood   cells   called   “macrophages” such    as    phagocytes,    neutrophils    and    other    such    cells found    in    all    the    tissues    of    our    bodies.    These            devour bacteria,   foreign   cells,   dead   and   dying   cells,   mutated   cells, and   other   harmful   invaders   in   our   bloodstream.   They   are the    most    important    cells    in    our    immune    system.    These cells  are  strengthened by beta glucan. Beta-glucan   can   inhibit   tumor   growth   in   promotion   stage too.     Anti-angiogenesis     can     be     one     of     the     pathways through       which       beta-glucans       can       reduce       tumor proliferation,    prevent    tumor    metastasis.    beta-Glucan    as adjuvant     to     cancer     chemotherapy     and     radiotherapy demonstrated     the     positive     role     in     the     restoration     of hematopiesis       following       by       bone       marrow       injury. Immunotherapy   using   monoclonal   antibodies   is   a   novel strategy of cancer treatment. “Patients   who   received   beta   glucan   had   significantly   fewer infectious   complications,   decreased   intravenous   antibiotic requirement,   and   shorter   intensive   care   stay”   according   to     archives     of          Journal     of     the     American     Nutraceutical Association;vol 3;2001.
What is Beta glucon ?
A t   Tokyo   University   (Surgery   Today   v   23,   1993)   people with   gastric   cancer   were   given   glucan   from   lentinan mushrooms.            Their      immunity      was      dramatically increased according to the observations An   important   study      at   Rangaraya   Medical   College   was done   in   India   in      the   year   1990      with   regard   to   Malaria.     Malaria      Plasmodium   berghi      was   injected   into   mice     and   beta   glucon   was   administered   to   an   experimental group.      Those   rats   which   did   not   receive   beta   glucon had   died.   The   researchers   quoted      “The   results   suggest that    glucan    potentiated    both    limbs    of    immunity    and both     were     involved     in     the     host     defense     against malaria.”
Research insights
Certain   mushrooms,   Grains   such   as   oats   and   barley, Baker's   yeast   are   the   prime   sources   of   the   compound. Artificial   supplements   of   Beta   glucan   are   also   available in different potencies. 
However,   the   efficacy   of   artificial      supplements   of   Beta glucan is to be compared with that of natural sources. Artificial   Beta-glucans      are   not   recommended      for   those taking   nonsteroidal   anti-inflammatory   drugs   or   aspirin.     Cross    interference    with    other    medications    is    to    be ascertained from your Physician!
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