Neurotransmitters are the messenger molecules produced by nerve cells to communicate and control almost every function of our body. They play a key role in our Psychological status. Hence, in the field of Psychiatry Physicians prescribe medications that boost the production of some of these required neurotransmitters to “Fix the broken brain”.   For example, antidepressants typically increase the availability of the happy mood molecule ‘serotonin’  or ‘norepinephrine’ which is   energy giving neurotransmitter.   Dopamine   administration provides the pleasure,     attention and focus.  Anti-anxiety drugs increase GABA transmitter to put a check on excitatory stimulus.  Although these medications give considerable results, they are often not without side effects. Hence, a few added natural pathways  can better the condition faster. Understand and address Series-3 Natural way to counter depression A few natural approaches include: •	Yoga and meditation or good physical activity •	Nutritional approach •	Herbal  therapies •	Inculcating creative hobbies, such as sports, music, book reading, art etc. •	Spend good time in entertainment  •	Frequent outing with family and friends thus avoiding Loneliness •	Auto suggestion •	Self hypnosis •	Avoid time targetted hard goals and relinquish negative competition •	Allocate some time for social service •	Develop some amount of philosophical outlook,  avoiding too much materialistic thinking You can drive away the devil ‘Depression’
Health Scan-December 2019