INTERNATIONAL DAY OF   WOMEN’S HEALTH From the Editor’s desk International Day of Action for Women’s Health is organized on 28th May every year. It was launched in the year 1987. Since then, various international agencies and multiple civil society organizations around the world have been working for the better health of women around the globe. May 28 is a special day on which the women’s health takes a center stage. It is therefore an occasion to celebrate the gains for women’s health as well as remind  the Ministries of Health, ruling presidents, governors, parliamentarians, as well as internationals agencies and non-profit companies of their commitments to women’s health and rights. ‘Any organisation working to advance women’s health rights is welcome to launch May 28th activities, in the aim of ensuring women’s health and well-being worldwide, particularly in terms of their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)’, says Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR). Health Scan has been publishing articles regularly for the feminine community to give them the best direction  for  good health. Health Scan wishes the best health to all women around the world.    V Sudhakara Rao Editor-in-Chief Health  Scan wishes the best health to all women on the occasion of   International day of women’s health Health Scan readership
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