•	Nettle juice has  diuretic properties. Therefore nettle root extracts are used to expel water and salt  from the body via  urine to reduce swelling of limbs (Oedema).  •	Nettle oil is used externally as a hair and scalp remedy for oily hair and dandruff. •	Nettle leaf extracts are used in treating skin infections and rashes. •	Because of their anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties, stinging nettles can be used as a natural component in eczema medications. •	Some studies indicate that aerial parts of  nettle  exhibit  immuno-stimulatory effects. •	Nettle extracts are used de-worm in children. •	Seeds are consumed as a drink against dog-bites. •	Nettle juice can improve breast-milk production •	Nettle extracts seem to have BP lowering effects.  However, more investigation is needed. •	Studies indicate that Nettles can help reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis and joint pain, typically in the case of hands, knees, hips and spine.  •	Nettles could serve as good adjuvant to other oral hypoglycemic agents   for diabetes mellitus.  •	Prostate Problems:  Of late, more studies are providing ample proof that Prostate problems of men are effectively  addressed with Nettle root.                		        ‘Estrone’ hormone is linked to increased BPH symptoms and a build up of DHT in the prostate gland. Nettle root can inhibit the aromatase enzyme, which converts ‘androstenedione’ to estrone hormone within fat tissue.  This biological mechanism is beneficial in the treatment of BPH. •	Other uses The tough fibers from the plant stem have been used to make cloth, and stalks are strong and can be woven to make sails or twine. Nettle    water is used   for  plants to  stimulate their growth and makes them more resistant to bugs.  When lactating animals are fed Nettles, they are said to produce more milk.  Nettle extracts are used in topical applications like shampoo, conditioner, hair rinse for dandruff, as a cleanser for oily skin and as an astringent facial cleaner. Adverse Side Effects, Toxicity and Contraindications Adverse side effects are rare when dosages are in permissible levels.  There are no well-known drug nutrient interactions for stinging Nettle.   However, Nettle extracts have to be recommended by Physician in pregnancy or for infants.  Availability Nettle products are available as dietary Supplements/health Foods. Dried leaf (or roots) are added to in teas. Capsules, tablets, tinctures are available in the market. Nettle Leaf Tea
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Potatoes stored under bright   light develop toxins called glycoalkaloids.  Therefore, it's important to store potatoes in a dark, cool and dry place and not to eat when they look green or develop sprouting parts. If potatoes taste bitter don’t consume them. Chemicals like Alloxen  & Benzoic peroxide are used in the preparation of  Indian ‘maida’ (milled refined and bleached wheat flour). A number of recipes contain it. Some of them are: Samosa, poories, some sweets such as Halwa, Chocolate-Burfi etc.