Kissing disease Kissing disase,  otherwise called as Mononucleosis is a contiguous infectious disease caused by a virus called ‘Epstein-Barr virus’ (EBV). What is it? Human saliva is the prime cause of transmission.  The prime mode is through kissing, hence the name Kissing disease.. Other possibilities are usage of cups, tumblers, spoons and other food utensils used by a person having EBV.  The virus can also be transmitted through partner contact or blood transfusions. People with multiple partner contacts are at more risk. Prime source Other causes Many people, generally, have the Epstein-Barr virus in their system throughout their lives without any symptoms as EBV carriers. Around 90 to 95 percent of adults worldwide are infected with EBV. Also, EBV can remain in the saliva for months, once infected. Viruses that can be transmitted by kissing Normal colds, Herpes infection, Hepatitis B, Warts,  Bacterial infections caused by kissing Meningococcal disease, which is a life threatening disease. Infected saliva through kissing can cause dental infections and throat infections as well. Other diseases through kissing General symptoms that include •	Sour throat, usually accompanied by  fever •	Swollen lymph glands •	Swollen tonsils •	Ulcers on lip or inside mouth or on tongue Diagnosis •	Complete blood count test, particularly WBC •	Mono spot test: which tests for heterophile antibodies in the blood •	EBV test of Mono test shows negative Complications Complications due to mono are generally rare.  However, in a few cases Mono infection can turn in to serious issues.  Particularly, children and infants are vulnerable.   Mono infection may cause: Anaemia, fall in platelet count, heart inflammation, enlarged spleen or liver issues.
According to ‘University of Minnesota Medical School’, "People infected with EBV or KSHV will have the virus for life. The virus will remain dormant. Under ideal conditions, a human DNA enzyme called APOBEC3B can kill EBV or KSHV. If this enzyme fails to the job, these viruses can reactivate and lead to abnormal, cancerous cell growth’, according to a study published in the journal Published in Nature Microbiology.
It is advised that kids who get mono avoid sports or rigorous exercises for at least a month after symptoms are gone, because, such activities may cause   internal bleeding and abdominal pain   which may require emergency surgery. Treatment/precautions There is no medicine to cure EBV infection. There is no vaccine too. Physicians usually treat the symptoms. Good rest, keeping well hydrated, taking nutritious food and diet are suggested Avoid Saliva contact Not to share containers with unknown 
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