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The Science of Yoga and health Series-2 Author:  Asha Mariam Abraham Teacher at Brahmayoga, USA  www.brahma.yoga These articles are based on lectures by Brahmayoga founder and life coach Alpna Bharati, who formulated a unique, scientific yoga curriculum to guide students towards health and happiness. For more information, visit www.brahma.yoga or email asha.abr@gmail.com
Energy and Productivity
What is Energy? Everything in this world is made out of energy. Beyond atoms, beyond electrons and protons, the basic entity with which everything is made up of is called ‘energy’. It is the basic invisible building block of  physical universe. Energy is also the thing that connects everything in this world. Each atom has electrons that are constantly moving. These electrons can absorb energy from their surroundings in order to move through classical matter. They acquire energy  and gain      movement,  which is in turn passed on to other electrons, through intra-electron collisions. In this way, through the process of taking and giving energy, atoms are connected to each other. This same energy is also the thing that allows us to do productive work. However, to become productive, the flow of energy has to be both constant and focused. An example of this is a wind mill. A wind mill only produces electricity when wind (energy) is continuous and only blows in one direction (it is focused). Thus, energy is the most fundamental concept to understand in order to figure out how the universe works. The physical universe is made up of energy, everything in it is connected through energy and when utilized properly in a focused manner, it is this same that energy allows us to perform productive work.  Energy in Humans We have often heard the phrase high energy person or low energy person. When we think of a high energy person, we think of someone who is happy, calm, capable and productive. On the other hand, we associate low energy with people that are lazy, depressed or angry, in short, people who are unable to perform productive work.  When we look at ourselves, we find that we go through phases of high and low energy. Certain days we are happy and productive, while other days we are low and do not feel like doing anything. This brings us to the question what determines energy level in people and why does this energy level keep changing. The answer lies in understanding the way we think. Each thought is an energy and when we create thought, we  acquire energy. When we create positive thought, thoughts that are happy, productive and selfless, we become high energy individuals. When we create negative thoughts, thoughts that are angry, judgemental, anxious, fearful and ultimately unproductive, our energy becomes low. How is Thought/Energy generated?   Thought/energy is generated by the brain when its neurons get stimulated. Different neurons produce different types of thoughts. At a particular time, which neuron process gets stimulated depends on a number of complex entities which also include the   ‘hormone balance’ in the body   at that moment.  Hormone balances are responsible for   positive   or     negative thoughts.     Thus, certainly,  hormones influence our thoughts and whether we are of high or low,  also,  depends on the type of hormone domination,  in the body  at that moment.  Why are we not Capable of Being Constantly High Energy? In the first section, we saw that productive work can be done only when there is both a constant and a continuous flow of energy. In the same way, a human being only becomes capable of productive work if he can continuously produce positive thoughts that are focused towards his goal, that is, he can consistency keep his energy high.  However, for average person, this is not possible, as his energy is constantly changing depending on the hormones and other conditions his body is possessing.  What we need is a method by which we can train our bodies to produce   good hormone balances that are responsible for high energy thoughts. Such a method is called yoga. According to Quantum Physics, physical micro    entities are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning & vibrating and either   radiating or absorbing energy. Human body is composition of these energy filled atomic structures.